What to Expect for the Amazing and Complete 2017 Kia Lineup

2017 Kia Lineup

Kia has set out to make 2017 the best year yet. Previous years have been able to further demonstrate just what Kia is capable of with redesigns from the inside out, and 2017 is no exception. Each model has set out to be better than previous years in every aspect of driving and riding. Keep reading to find out what you should expect for this coming year.

2017 Rio

This compact car will get a completely new design for 2017 Kia, and offer a lot more features for lower trims. If you haven’t considered the Rio before then this may be the perfect year to.

2017 Kia Soul

The Soul will more than likely go through minor updates to improve its exterior and interior features. The past years did so well that besides the updates in vehicle technology there isn’t much left to make better than it already is.

2017 Kia Forte

This compact car has gone through many changes in the past two years, and for 2017 you can expect nothing less. Be ready for a new design and the latest in technology.

2017 Optima

The Optima is offering updates in not only its normal model, but also in the hybrid model as well. The new hybrid model will receive some of the best fuel numbers yet.

2017 Kia Sorento

The Sorento has done very well and is expected to only go through minor changes. Invest in one this year for the best results yet!

2017 Sedona

The new Sedona seems to set out to bring families back into the SUV club by changing the look by giving it a slightly more sporty appearance.

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