The 2017 Kia Rio Gets a New Design

Kia Rio 2017 Corpus Christi

The Kia Rio has gone a while without any major upgrades. The last time we really saw a difference was back in 2012 that upgraded with the times to a new and more modern look. In 2017 it looks as if the Kia Rio received yet another upgrade, but this time it is not as small and petite and is bigger and stands out more.

The 2017 Kia Rio’s New Design

It seems as if the Kia automakers wanted to redesign the Kia in order to emphasize its larger width that is very apparent inside and out. The official photos make this very obvious. The headlights are slimmer with long lights across the front, which adds even more of a feel of width. The new Rio is, however, slightly shorter than other models, and has removed some of the curved sheet metal to replace it with flat planes. This simple, but modern look is what we have been looking for in the Rio. It will likely get a lot of attention for these changes, and maybe even increase the already astounding sales.


2017 Makeover for the Interior

The new design in the interior has also been spruced up with the times. It includes a new infotainment system that extends up the middle of the dash. They kept the physical button interface, which is good for those of us who like to keep things simple. The new dashboard design is very modern but different. It adds a nice touch to the already updated and amazing interior. Take a step inside the interior of the new Kia Rio to see and feel why the new updates and designs are what make the 2017 model a great investment.

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