The Best Coffee Shops You Can Find in Corpus Christi

Coffee Shop

Corpus Christi is a hip town with a lot to see, and that includes its coffee scene. The local coffee shops go head-to-head to create the best coffee shop experience for you, the coffee lover. We have some of the best coffee shops in town here, and can give you the best ones to visit the next time you are in need of a caffeine boost.

Coffee Waves

Come out to Coffee Waves to experience a student-friendly and warming environment. They serve some of the best and freshly brewed coffee in town. Their wide range menu offers whatever it is that you enjoy when it comes to coffee drinks. Visit today to have an amazing coffee shop experience.

Island Joe’s Coffee and Gallery

This unique location can be found near the beach. It’s not everyday you find a coffee shop on the beach, but Island Joe’s delivers. Enjoy a tropical themed interior complete with a gallery full of local art pieces that are sometimes even available for purchase. Don’t miss out on this unique coffee experience!

Hester’s Cafe

If you’re looking for that small town cafe experience that offers more than just a great selection of coffee then you are looking for Hester’s Cafe. Enjoy coffee and the large selection of baking goods that they offer. Family owned, their customer service is something that they pride themselves on, and is just another reason to visit them for your next coffee excursion.

Coffee Beanery

Are you looking to take coffee home with you to brew on your own accord? If so, then Coffee Beanery may be a good place for you to go. They have a wide selection of flavored coffee for you to choose from. Visit to get some of the best coffee beans in the area.


Be sure to visit any of these great shops to experience great coffee right here in Corpus Christi. You won’t be disappointed by any of these coffee locations. On your way there be sure to stop by Mike Shaw Kia for all your vehicle needs and concerns. We can have you back on the road in no time.