The Brand-New and Updated 2017 Kia Forte 5 With the Latest Features

2017 Kia Forte 5

The Forte 5 is back for 2017 and is offering great deals for some of the best vehicle features that are offered. From the exterior to everything inside there are new things to be found. There are even mechanical updates to satisfy the picky driver. Find out what is offered in the 2017 Kia Forte5 and why this is the perfect year to invest in one as your new vehicle.

2017 Kia Forte 5 Exterior

One of the biggest differences in the look of this year is the front grille that is being called the “tiger nose”. It blends in beautifully with the lights and creates a new modern look from the front of the vehicle. As for the lights, there are new headlights and taillights to light up the night and help you see more. The exterior blends perfectly to the aesthetically appealing and all-new interior.

Kia Forte 5 Interior

The interior has received a whole new design complete with a 7-inch color touchscreen that offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for total control over your sound system. All of the latest safety features are offered as well, which ensure you are okay in the event of a crash.

Forte 5 Mechanics

The 1.8 L has been replaced with a 2.0 L that comes with either a 6-speed manual or automatic. This gives the new Forte 5 more of a kick and makes it a ton more fun to drive. Not to mention the fuel economy. These mechanic changes are just another reason to invest in the new Forte 5.

Test Drive a 2017 Kia Forte 5

Come out to Mike Shaw Kia today to test drive the all new 2017 Kia Forte 5. You can also stop by for any vehicle needs or questions you may have. Our professionals are always ready to help fix your vehicle and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.