Join in the Corpus Christi Earth Day 5K & 10K

Earth Day 5K & 10K - Corpus Christi

What better way is there to enjoy the outside and bring awareness to environmental issues than an Earth Day 5K & 10K fun-run? Earth Day is especially poignant for people in Corpus Christi, and this Moon Joggers event never fails to highlight the importance of having clean and open spaces. This race happens at the height of the spring season – starting on April 22nd. It is open to anyone including walkers, joggers, and competitive runners.

Unusual and Attractive Virtual Athletic Format

Most distance races involve set courses, strict rules, and a huge number of participants. This race is one of the most unique anywhere because of the freedom participants have in their involvement. This virtual race requires an online registration and small fee, but each runner gets to choose how and where they run.

Who Does This Earth Day Race Benefit?

15% of every $17 participation fee will be donated to Wild Earth Allies. This group has been working for decades to preserve habitats and biodiversity around the world. Donations are used to build education programs and cultural sustainability projects.

Wild Earth Allies Corpus Christi Earth Day Race

Recognition for Completion

Recognition for completion of a personally chosen 5k or 10k route is a beautiful earth medal and official race bib. Just register online with the Corpus Christi Earth Day 5k-10k organizers, and complete your course any day during the month of April. The official runs are on April 22 for runners who want to celebrate on Earth Day itself. Medals are shipped once a runner submits their course completion time.

Honoring Earth Day

While this race is a great opportunity to increase athletic experience and personal times, its focus is on the reason behind Earth Day itself. This race is virtual to allow every runner in the state of Texas to participate in a local event. The sanctioning organization behind this race created it to bring mass awareness to natural space and animal habitat preservation. Instead of a high-impact formal race, it’s an opportunity to run a course in an area of choice. Simultaneously, you can observe the beauty of the natural world near home.

There are very few statewide 5k and 10k races that combine great environmental causes and opportunities to improve personal health. A virtual format allows every participant to contribute to the importance of Earth Day at their own pace and in their favorite natural area. This race is an ideal way to spread the news about Earth Day throughout a vast area. It starts the spring and summer racing season with a purpose.

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