Make a Summer Survival Kit for Spur of the Moment Fun

family going for summer picnic

You never know what the summer may bring. One day, you might want to hit the beach, and the next, you might go out for a picnic. Keep beach and picnic summer survival kits on hand so you can enjoy spur of the moment fun all summer long.

Your Beach Survival Kit

Use a cooler bag for your beach survival kit. These bags keep items cool when they aren’t in use, so you don’t have to worry about your items getting too hot. Once you have your bag, you’ll need to throw some things into it so you can take off to the beach at a moment’s notice.

Start with some sunscreen so you can protect your skin. Add some sunglasses, beach towels, and a book you can read while on the sand. It’s a good idea to include some bags so your kids can collect shells during your trip. You should also add in some over-the-counter pain relief medication just in case a headache comes on you during the trip. Then, you need to think about food and beverages. Bottles of water are perfect for staying hydrated, and nonperishable food items like nuts and pretzels will keep everyone full of energy.

Your Picnic Survival Kit

You need to make a second kit in case you want to take off for a picnic. Fill up a second cooler bag with all of the essential items you need for a picnic. This includes paper plates and plastic silverware, as well as napkins. Some wet wipes will make it easy for everyone to clean their hands before they eat, and sunscreen will protect everyone’s skin while munching. Add some mini snack bags full of nuts, chips, and pretzels, and some plastic bags for leftovers. Then, you just need to make some sandwiches when you decide to go on a picnic. Throw those in another bag, and you’ll be good to go.

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