Better Kia Performance with All-New Powertrains for 2017

Kia Powertrains

The Gasoline Direct Injected engines produced by Kia make all of their vehicles fun to drive. These engines deliver more power at lower emissions. They offer everything from fuel-efficient to turbocharged to satisfy the whole array of car buyers. Find the vehicle with the perfect engine for you and find out what makes Kia so great and why so many choose to drive one.

Gasoline Direct Injection Engine

This engine injects highly pressurized fuel directly into the cylinders during its combustion cycle. The result is more power for your drive, but also less fuel used to save you money. It is hard to beat the GDI engine.

Turbocharged Engines

Kia has entered the world of racing and has done very well. After just 5 short years of the sport they brought home the first place for the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. The Optima was the vehicle used to pull this off surprisingly enough. When this family sedan that doesn’t seem like much of a race car is updated for the track then there is no stopping it. The GDI engine under the hood makes the optima something of a racecar. It is this style and perception of excellence that has propelled Kia to make such great engines to deliver in no matter what circumstance their vehicles may be in.

Test Out the New Powertrains

Come out to Mike Shaw Kia today to test out the new powertrains that are being offered. Find out why the engines offered in Kia are something to talk about and share with friends. Also, don’t forget to come in with any questions or concerns you may have. Our professionals are here and ready to help with whatever you may need. We will have you back on the road in the best condition possible in no time.