The Best Parks to Visit with Your Sibling on National Siblings Day

Siblings celebrate National Siblings Day

The countdown to National Siblings Day has begun. It will take place on April 10, and your sibling will expect you to do something special. Your money is a little tight, though, so the idea of taking your sibling on a trip is overwhelming. You don’t need to leave the area to have a good time, though. Visit a park in Corpus Christi or the surrounding area, and you will have the time of your life. You will get to enjoy nature and spend the day talking and laughing with your brother or sister.

Blucher Park

If you love nature, you will enjoy spending the day at Blucher Park. The park sits on a few acres and features a small stream and a walkway that you can cross. You will likely come into contact with more than a few birds at the park, so bring some binoculars. You can examine the birds as they nest in the trees.

Cole Park

Cole Park has lots of fun activities in one space. The lighted fishing pier is perfect for catching a few fish, and the skate park is always a lot of fun. Be sure to take some pictures in front of the gulf if you visit this park.

Mustang Island State Park

Located a short distance away in Port Arkansas, Mustang Island State Park is a popular spot for beachgoers. Bring your beach gear and hit the waves at this park. You can take it a step further and bring your kayak or surfboard. Then, you can compete for waves with your sibling. If you and your sibling want to stay the night, bring your tent along and stay in one of the primitive camping sites. Then, you can hit the beach one last time before you head home the next day.

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